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After many years in development; heated discussions, meticulous planning, late night art jams, nit-picking everything and finally solidifying our unified objective – Boring is born!

We consider this first offering a look at the basic, core, simplified yet expressive range of our aesthetic on a handful of mediums. We initially wanted to start a t-shirt company as an excuse to share our art (photography, painting, design, patterns, etc) on clothing, however we realized that there was so much more that motivated and inspired us, that we just had to expand our offerings. These products that we never anticipated wanting to produce are mainly in the home goods categories such as pillows and totes…with many more in development. Although Rob and I are partial to the red, white and black palette, do not fret – there will be different colors in our offerings as we proceed (maybe). We have so much more in store planned for release in the coming months, years and beyond that we can hardly contain ourselves. 

We hope you enjoy our first, soft opening look at our product line and can begin to understand what we are calling the “Boring ethos”. Make art, inspire others, inspire ourselves and give back as much as we can (more about this in the not to distant future) to further motivate future creatives and all people wanting to express themselves in a unique way. Have a look around and let us know if anything is acting weird on our site or if you have any general questions. We are always open to feedback through our contact page. Thanks for stopping by, now go tell your friends to get Boring ; )

Sean & Rob


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