Inspiration: Mark Gonzales


From time to time we will post little articles about artists we admire, respect and have been inspired by. Artists who seem to share a similar “Boring ethos” that is unwavering and truly unique. These articles aren’t meant as all encompassing overviews or biographies of these artists, but more as little snapshots to share what motivates us as creatives and a company.

If you were a skateboarder in the 1980’s, chances are Mark Gonzales needs no introduction. As one of the first truly inventive and experimental skaters of that time, “The Gonz”, as he’s known, invented many tricks that had never been done before such as the ollie to handrail boardslide. He has also had a successful career as an artist and product designer.


Never one to stay still for to long and always expressing himself; The Gonz has run his own skateboard company, been a spokesperson for Adidas, and now also has his own line of eyewear. A constant innovator with a style all his own, Mr. Gonzales continues to inspire skaters and entrepreneurs globally and we hope he never stops.

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