Inspiration: David Lynch

From time to time we will post little articles about artists we admire, respect and have been inspired by. Artists who seem to share a similar “Boring ethos” that is unwavering and truly unique. These articles aren’t meant as all encompassing overviews or biographies of these artists, but more as little snapshots to share what motivates us as creatives and a company.

While all artists are creative, there is definitely a certain type amongst this group that stands out for their sheer originality and unique voice. In this instance, David Lynch’s speaking voice is as original as his visual works. Most people know him from his movies such as Erasure Head, Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive and Twin Peaks amongst many others. However, few people know that he has had a pretty prolific singing and music career. According to Wikipedia, his discography reads as such: an American director and musician, who has released two solo studio albums, three collaborative studio albums, six soundtrack albums, two spoken-word albums, one extended play, twenty singles and six music videos. This combined with his visual art makes Mr. Lynch truly a master of multiple artistic disciplines. His style might not be for everyone, but it is truly distinct amongst all of the mediums that he chooses to pursue. Some of his paintings can be viewed here on Artsy.

A wonderful article about his music can be read here on Pitchfork (with links to his songs). Check it out and before you know it you will be engulfed in the weird, wonderfully dark world that he has created through audio, just as he has through movies and paintings. He is truly an original and we dig his work.

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