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Being an artist is hard. It takes time, attention and a little good luck. It takes complete and utter discipline and at certain moments; isolation. A focus so intense at developing one’s craft that it can border on obsessive. It is during these times, when the creative mind is so singularly focused, that to the outside observer it can seem unexciting, repetitive…boring. We believe it is within this area of practice that yields the best results. It is this understanding that our philosophy was born and it is with great pleasure we present to you our first offering of original products and artworks, made for like minded creative people. A company and a brand whose ethos is steeped in expression.

With an emphasis on original works, we strive to develop and support through our offerings; affordable, limited edition, one of a kind products that speak to a demographic that knows and appreciates this concept. You can feel good knowing you have supported original art and a small, local business. We have made every effort to make sure your product is one of a very limited run, making you unique for owning it. Once a product line of ours is sold out, it will never be available again. Enjoy your originality!

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Robert Robbins

Photographer + Designer + Founder + Partner

Sean Fermoyle

Designer + Painter + Founder + Partner


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